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No Monthly Cost
  •  No Contract, cancel anytime
  •  No monthly charge
  •  Free initial Menu Setup
  •  Free Fax, Automated Phone and Email Order notification
  •  Free basic website with domain
  •  Bank Check mailed monthly
  •  Your customer pay small convenience fee if they agree
  •  Customer support
  •  Basic SEO
$39.99 / month
  •  No Contract, cancel anytime
  •  Free initial Menu Setup
  •  Direct Bank deposit (No more hassle to go to bank for check deposit or check mail delays)
  •  We can integrate your Merchant Account we support 100+ gateways
  •  Free Fax, Automated Phone and Email Order notification for multiple numbers and emails
  •  Free standard Website with domain
  •  Free coupon feature, give discount based on your best fit
  •  No yearly website Hosting fee
  •  Free Reservation, get bigger group and plan ahead
  •  No Yearly Domain Renewal Fee
  •  Free Menu update anytime
  •  Discount in Online Catering Solutions
  •  Advance SEO
  •  Your customer pay small convenience fee if they agree
  •  Customer support
  •  You pay only $39.99/month no other charges to restaurant
$99.99 / month
  •  Includes everything in standard package, plus other advantages below
  •  We treat you like king and issues addressed first in queue
  •  You focus on serving yummy food, we take care rest for you
  •  Social media maintenance (Google, Facebook, yelp, Bing and Yahoo, White pages etc.)
  •  Free Banners for all the majors US Holidays Addition and removal from the website
  •  Social media Reviews follow-ups (good for communications with your customers)
  •  May include Free Android Tablet
  •  May Include Free Loyalty program
  •  You pay only $99.99/month


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